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One more night of shooting

"Son on Tiny" has been edited into a polished "rough cut" and sent to audio for soundtrack! I am really happy with how it is coming along. Tonight, we are shooting a few pick up shots that I will think will help the pacing of the film. The release date of the film is dependent on the completion of the soundtrack. Unfortunately, not having a release date hurts my ability to market the film and give it a little "buzz" but hopefully we will have some information soon!


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Back from the Dead

It's been several months, but it is time to dust off the screenwriting typewriter and get my directors buret dry-cleaned. Real-life has been very busy since "Son of Tiny" was released. I recently bought a house and sold my old one, so moving was a priority and took up a lot of time. On top of all that, my computer that I used for filmmaking completely died. Fortunately, my data was safe but the processor went so it would have been about a grand to get it fixed. Work has been very busy and with two small kids waiting for me at home, I was left with very little time, and even less energy to make any filmmaking progress. 

We did release part 9 of our "Jason Xmas" mini-series back in January but other than that, filmmaking has been at a stand still as far as "Scared Stiff" is concerned. I recently edited a short film that will be making the festival loop shortly directed by "Scared Stiff" star Analisa Robertson recently, but it is now time to co…

A Tragic Loss

Where to start? We've actually released three new films since my last post. But I will mention those in a future post. More importantly, we lost a Scared Stiff family member last year. John "Dolo Ello" Ragin passed away suddenly and shockingly back in September. Since 2011, Dolo created soundtracks for 29 of the Scared Stiff films. He acted in a few of them, including starring as "Malcolm", the man in the radio station in "The Zombie Chronicles". He was an important collaborator and his talents and contributions were vitally important to "Scared Stiff". The show won't be the same without him. He left behind a wife and a young daughter. He will be missed dearly.

Time to Expand to Different Platforms (And a NEW Movie!)

We released a brand new short film last week. I believe it's the 60th or 61st under the Scared Stiff brand. Pretty proud of it, especially considering that we had just a three person crew on set. The new film stars Scared Stiff regular, the very talented Joe Nemchek and Barbara Robertson. This is Barbara's third film with Scared Stiff. Her first being "Tiny's Halloween" way back in 2009. Please check it out and share! We filmed most of it back in October on a Sony FS7 but finished it recently on a RED ONE MX.

This episode marks the end of Scared Stiff's exclusivity to YouTube. Shortly, we will start sharing selected episodes and all future episodes on other platforms. YouTube viewership had almost completely died out over the years when it comes to our show. I liked having all films in one place to be able to accurately check the analytics, but we must evolve. Any emerging platforms you think we should check out? Please leave a comment below. Enjoy!