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Back from the Dead

It's been several months, but it is time to dust off the screenwriting typewriter and get my directors buret dry-cleaned. Real-life has been very busy since "Son of Tiny" was released. I recently bought a house and sold my old one, so moving was a priority and took up a lot of time. On top of all that, my computer that I used for filmmaking completely died. Fortunately, my data was safe but the processor went so it would have been about a grand to get it fixed. Work has been very busy and with two small kids waiting for me at home, I was left with very little time, and even less energy to make any filmmaking progress. 

We did release part 9 of our "Jason Xmas" mini-series back in January but other than that, filmmaking has been at a stand still as far as "Scared Stiff" is concerned. I recently edited a short film that will be making the festival loop shortly directed by "Scared Stiff" star Analisa Robertson recently, but it is now time to come back home to the world of "Scared Stiff".

"Son of Tiny" was received very well last fall. The views were way down compared to the previous "Tiny's Halloween" films but did fairly well compared to recent releases. Overall the total views of the show have been very healthy so I am optimistic of the future of the show. I will be making updates a lot more frequently now, so check back often to see what is new and upcoming in the world of "Scared Stiff."


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Feedback From New Platforms

I started posting select Scared Stiff films to our official Facebook page. So far the views are much higher than they have been on YouTube. I haven't researched the full analyst yet so I don't know how many people have stayed to watch the whole movie or who clicked on it and off without finishing it but the results are promising so far. I have read that videos posted on Facebook appear more frequently on feeds then those that are posted from Facebook. Gonna try a few more video posting sites and see what gains some momentum as we prepare to go into production on new films. No need to be exclusive to YouTube anymore.